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Thursday, January 10th

Time Event Title
12:00 pm-1:00 pmBIOC Grad Student Seminar w/Julia Zhang BEADLE CENTER
"Study of Proline Metabolism and Oxidative Stress in E. coli"
3:30 pm-4:30 pmSBS Seminar -Daniel Sloan, Yale University HAMILTON HALL
Identifying the forces that shape diversity in genome sequence, structure, and function is the defining challenge for the field of molecular evolution in the genomics era.

Obligately intracellular endosymbionts and organelles have long represented valuable systems to address this challenge because, in spite of their diverse functional roles and phylogenetic origins, they exhibit striking patterns of convergence in genome architecture.

Sloan will report the results of genomic analysis in two extreme examples of divergence in endosymbiont and organelle genomes that defy explanation under current theory, including an unprecedented mitochondrial genome expansion in flowering plants and the evolution of insect endosymbionts genomes that are so reduced that they blur the distinction between organism and organelle.

The resulting data provide the basis for testing hypotheses that integrate population genetic theory with observed variation in molecular mechanisms such as mutation and recombination.

Sloan will outline ongoing research and future directions that leverage recent advances in DNA sequencing technology and apply systems-level approaches to understand the role of co-evolutionary interactions with the host genome in driving the evolution of organelle and endosymbiont genomes.
5:00 pm"John Dee and the Role of Magic at the Court of Elizabeth I" ANDREWS HALL
Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program welcomes Glyn Parry, University of Northumbria. Co-sponsored by the Research Council and the Honors Program, and the Department of History. Professor Parry's book, The Arch Conjuror of England, will be available for sale--this book is shortlisted for the History Today 2013 Book Prize

Ongoing Events:

Time Event Title
Apr 21st-Nov 30thMinerals & Meteorites MORRILL HALL
Aug 3rd-Feb 24thExhibition: Studio Art Quilt Associate’s 20th Showcase International Quilt Study Center & Museum
Aug 3rd-Apr 21stExhibition: "Five Decades of Collecting" SHELDON MUSEUM of ART
Sep 7th-Jun 2ndExhibition: Indigo Gives America the Blues International Quilt Study Center & Museum
Sep 18th-Jan 13thExhibition: "Women Call for Peace: Global Vistas" SHELDON MUSEUM of ART
Oct 5th-Jan 20thExhibition: "The Geometric Unconscious: A Century of Abstraction" SHELDON MUSEUM of ART
Nov 19th-Jan 31stNebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience sponsors public exhibit at Pioneers Park Nature Center Pioneers Park
Dec 7th-Sep 1stPerfecting the Past: Colonial Revival Quilts International Quilt Study Center & Museum
Jan 4th-Mar 30thThe Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild Great Plains Art Museum

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