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ASD Network Events

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Upcoming Events:

Time Event Title
9:00 am May 6thBeyond Social Skills - Social Perspective Taking ESU # 16
This in?service will provide background on social cognition and a variety of tools and strategies used by speech/language pathologists who are “in the trenches” working with individuals with autism. The presentation with include information on practices that support social perspective taking, social interactions, and self-regulation. Attendees will hear about and see supports used in educational practice with students with autism.
1:00 pm May 9thWebinar - How Do I Prepare for My New Student with Autism Online
• Over-view of characteristics of Autism and High Functioning Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome

• Helpful Teaching Tips (structure, visuals, reinforcement etc)

• Team Communication for a smooth start

• Tips for your Para-Educators

• Free on-line training resources
9:00 am Jun 4th2 Day- Structured Teaching: Structure the Environment and Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Dis ESU #6
The goal of this workshop include learning the basic principles of structured teaching and beginning the application of these principles in designing or re-evaluating a target student's programming.
8:30 am Jun 9thAn Introduction to Autism ESU # 3
Characteristics-Definition, Facts and Myths
-Information and Examples of Social, Communication, Behavioral, Developmental and Sensory Characteristics, Current Etiological Understandings and Prevalence and Statistics.

-Medical Diagnosis vs. Educational Verification.

An Overview of Evidence Based Practices
-How to find out what interventions have evidence base

Comprehensive Program Planning
-An Over-View of what to include in a comprehensive program for students with an ASD
9:00 am Jun 10thIntroduction to High Functioning Autism (None)
This full-day in-service will provide an in-depth discussion of the characteristics of students with High Functioning Autism and how it impacts them in the school and home environment.
8:30 am Jun 11thHow Do I… Teach Theory of Mind to Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders or Related Disabilities ESU 5
Participants will learn what theory of mind is and how it is connected to social skills and academic areas such as reading comprehension. The importance of teaching theory of mind and how to assess theory of mind will be discussed.
8:30 am Jun 17th2 Day - Introduction to Verbal Behavior ESU # 3
Day one: Behavioral Teaching Strategies: Reinforcement, Establishing Instructional Control, Discrete Trials, Error Correction, Shaping, Prompts and fading Prompts.

Day two: Teaching Verbal Operants: Manding, Motor Imitation, Echoics, Receptive Language, Tacting, and Receptive Language by Feature, Function and Class.

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