UNL Russian Club Movie Night Piter FM (Saint Pete FM)

7:00 pm–12:00 am
Nebraska Union Room: TBD
Additional Info: NU
Dorian Roffe-Hammond, droffe-hammond@huskers.unl.edu
Unrated, 85 min. Romance Comedy Drama. Directed by: Oksana Bychkova. “Masha works as a DJ for a popular Petersburg radio show; Maksim is a young architect. Masha’s getting ready to marry her old classmate, Kostia; Maskim has won an international competition and has just been offered work in Germany. Neither he nor Masha however, are sure about things. masha still doesn’t know if she loves Kostia or has simply got used to him. Maksim is scared that working in Germany will spoil his lifelong dream to design an amazing building in Petersburg. And who knows what would’ve happened, if Masha hadn’t lost her cell phone—and Maksim hadn’t found it?” Open to the public. Free Admission. Questions? Contact: Dorian Roffe-Hammond (droffe-hammond@huskers.unl.edu).

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