Mathematics Colloquium Annual AMS Students’ Chapter Invited Talk

Date: Time: 4:00 pm–4:50 pm
Avery Hall Room: 115
Additional Info: AVH
Contact: Steven Cohn, 402-472-7223,
Speaker: Nik Weaver
Affiliation: Washington University
Local Hosts: Mitch Hamidi and Stephanie Prahl
Title: A ‘Quantum’ Ramsey Theorem for Complex Matrices

Additional Public Info:
The classical Ramsey theorem says that if n is large enough, then every
graph with at least n vertices contains either a k-clique or a k-anticlique
—- that is, a set of k vertices among which either all edges are present or
none are present. I will explain a recent version of this theorem for complex
matrices which arose in the theory of quantum error correction. The talk
should be accessible to graduate students.

Refreshments will be served 3:30-4:00 in 348 Avery. The talk is free and open to the public.

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