Eva Taterov√° (Visiting Czech Scholar) Research Talk

Date: Time: 3:30 pm–5:00 pm
Oldfather Hall Room: 638
Additional Info: OLDH
Contact: Eva Taterov√°, 402-472-2414, etaterova2@unl.edu
Czechoslovak Foreign Policy towards Israel during the Cold War

The mutual relations between Czechoslovakia and the State of Israel in 1948-1967 can be described as very dynamic, eventful and above all largely reflecting the ongoing events of the Cold War. The research includes very complex topics such as the development of Czechoslovak-Israeli diplomatic relations and the Czechoslovak priority areas in relation to Israel, the attitudes of Czechoslovakia towards selected Israeli left-wing non-governmental entities, and, last but not least, the status of the Jewish minority in Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovak Jews were one of the reasons why Czechoslovak diplomacy paid a significant attention to geographically remote and after 1948 just economically expanding Israel in comparison to most other non-European countries.

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