Business Power Lunch: Savvy Financial Tips for Retirement Planning – Omaha

Date: Time: 11:30 am–1:00 pm
Noah’s Event Venue
17121 Marcy St.
Omaha Ne
Contact: Emre Unlu, 402-472-2353,
Americans are increasingly left to their own devices to figure out how much to save, how to invest and where to invest with the transitioning from defined benefit (i.e. pension) plans to defined contribution (i.e. 401k) plans. Dr. Brian Baugh, assistant professor of finance, will discuss various aspects of prudent financial planning one should consider. Topics include a brief overview of the U.S. tax code, tax minimization strategies, selection of Roth vs. Traditional 401k/IRA plans, effective marginal tax rates (what are they and why they matter), portfolio allocation, selection of professional financial planners and recommended resources to use in your journey.

$60 – lunch and parking included

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