STEM Education Seminar

Date: Time: 2:00 pm–3:00 pm
Bessey Hall Room: 109
Additional Info: BESY
Contact: William Glider,
Erica R. Miller, doctoral candidate, will present a seminar titled “Enacting high cognitive demand examples: Exploring what teachers might need to know and do.” Many teachers use examples to help illustrate concepts and demonstrate procedures, especially in mathematics. But not all examples are created equally. One way of differentiating the quality of examples is by examining the cognitive demand of the mathematical task(s) included in the example. High cognitive demand tasks provide students with deeper learning opportunities, but are often difficult to enact. In order to think about how we can help prepare teachers to enact high cognitive demand examples, we will use case studies of precalculus instructors to explore the following questions: What mathematical knowledge do teachers draw upon when enacting a high cognitive demand example? And what do teachers do to help maintain the cognitive demand of an example?

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