Taylor Wilson Designs: My World Through the Mind’s Eye

Date: Time: 7:00 am–10:00 pm Location: Nebraska Innovation Campus, 2nd Floor Link
Lincoln artist Taylor Wilson is displaying his work at NIC! Taylor is a visual artist working in multiple mediums, including painting, drawing, jewelry, screen-printing, mixed media, and assemblage sculpture. Taylor’s preferred mediums are graphite …

Pigment on Cloth: Tradition, Family, and the Art of Indian Pichvai Painting Exhibition

Date: Time: 8:30 am–4:00 pm Location: Robert Hillestad Textiles Gallery
This special exhibition introduces our audiences to the historic Indian practice of pichvais, devotional paintings on cotton cloth made as temple hangings in Nathdwara, Rajasthan. The exhibition presents work from one contemporary family of Nathdwara …

Fall Colors Hiking Trip

Date: Time: 9:00 am–3:00 pm Location: Outdoor Adventures Center
If you need a quick escape from the city, come with us for a day of hiking around Platte River State Park. With 14 miles of trails to explore, this area offers a chance to relax for a day and unwind from the week. Check out scenic views of the Platte …

University of Nebraska–Lincoln Homecoming Blood Drive

Date: Time: 9:00 am–3:00 pm Location: UNMC College of Dentistry
All presenting blood donors will receive a commemorative T-shirt and a coupon by email for a FREE haircut at participating Sport Clips Haircuts locations to help you look good and feel good. Schedule your appointment today! Call 1-800-RED CROSS (1- …

Conflict & Uncertainty: Iran, the U.S. and the Middle East

Date: Time: 10:30 am–12:00 pm Location: Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center
In 1979, Iran underwent a massive political revolution that, nearly forty years later, has had a tremendous impact on international policy and, namely, the relationship between the United States and the Middle East region.

Department of Economics Fall Seminar Series

Date: Time: 10:30 am–12:00 pm Location: College of Business - Howard L. Hawks Hall
Jesse M. Shapiro, George S. and Nancy B. Parker Professor of Economics at Brown University, Rhode Island, will be presenting the virtual seminar, The Effect of SNAP on the Composition of Purchased Foods: Evidence and Implications.

Graduate Student Research Support Group

Date: Time: 10:30 am–12:00 pm Location: University Health Center
This group provides support to graduate students navigating their research/dissertation/thesis requirements and the stress that can come from these requirements as well as providing support for those struggling with completion. A brief individual …

Tea Time Friday at the Kawasaki Reading Room

Date: Time: 11:00 am–4:30 pm Location: Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center
Come join us for freshly prepared teas every Friday! Each week take a taste of one (or more) varieties of international tea served with a delicious snack. Teas rotate every week, so come in to enjoy a favorite or try something new. Relax and unwind …

Make + Take Lunch

Date: Time: 11:30 am–12:30 pm Location: Wellness Kitchen, Rec & Wellness Center
Drop in over lunch to make a healthy, homemade meal. We’ll lead you through cooking veggies on the stove top, cooking meat safely and how to plan for a quick lunch. After our brief cooking session, sit down to enjoy your lunch in the Wellness …

BBR Webinar Series: The Economic Impact of Nebraska Military Assets and Spending

Date: Time: 12:00 pm–1:00 pm Location: Online Webinar
The Bureau of Business Research (BBR) Fall Webinar Series resumes with a discussion on the economic impact of Nebraska military assets and spending.

“Stealth, Steam and Power”: Exploring Kawasaki Motorcycle History

Date: Time: 2:00 pm–3:00 pm Location: Nebraska Union
Explore the history of Kawasaki Motorcycles with an original engineer who helped fuel a culture! Fuel up your knowledge tank with us as guest engineer Lanny Nissen discusses the rise of motorsports and the motorcycle’s evolution. You will also hear …

Department of Agricultural Economics Seminar

Date: Time: 3:00 pm–4:30 pm Location: Filley Hall
Presented by Dr. Murray Fulton, University of Saskatchewan.

Frances Arnold, Chem Colloquium

Date: Time: 3:00 pm–4:00 pm Location: Hamilton Hall
Professor Frances H. Arnold, California Institute of Technology, will present the second lecture of the two-day Cliff S. Hamilton Award Lectures entitled “When Enzymes Meet Carbenes (and Nitrenes): Bringing New Chemistry to Life”. Open to the …

Frederick Douglass at 200: ‘Still Doing a Great Job’

Date: Time: 3:30 pm–5:00 pm Location: Andrews Hall
Ezra Greenspan is Edmund J. and Louise W. Kahn Chair in Humanities at Southern Methodist University. Greenspan is a literary and cultural historian who studies and teaches the history of written communications and media in the United States—from …

Marcelo Disconzi, Vanderbilt University

Date: Time: 4:00 pm–4:50 pm Location: Avery Hall
In this talk, we will discuss some recent results concerning the problem of regularity and shock formation for relativistic fluids, with focus on the relativistic Euler equations. Highlighting some “hidden” geometric aspects of the problem, we will …

Homecoming Pre-Tailgate Honors Alumni Event

Date: Time: 5:00 pm–8:00 pm Location: Nebraska Innovation Studio
An event where Honors Program Alumni can reconnect before the Huskers Homecoming Game.

Master Chefs Chinese Cooking Class

Date: Time: 6:00 pm–7:30 pm Location: Recreation and Wellness Center
Join us for a special evening with Chinese Master Chefs Ye Yuanlin and Yu Yongbin as they teach us some tricks from the pinnacle of Chinese culinay arts. Mr. Ye and Yu are world renowned chefs who have served for the United Nations, heads of state, …

An Act of God

Date: Time: 7:30 pm Location: Johnny Carson Theater
The One with the first and last word on everything has finally arrived to set the record straight. After many millennia, and in just 90 minutes, God (assisted by devoted angels), answers some of the deepest questions that have plagued mankind since …

Behlen Observatory Open House

Date: Time: 8:00 pm–11:00 pm Location: Behlen Observatory
Join us for a chance to see a number of beautiful celestial objects including the Moon, planets Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, as well as a number of wonderful deep space objects. Nebraska instructors and members of the Society of Physics Students will …

First Annual Rainbow Ball

Date: Time: 8:00 pm–11:00 pm Location: Kauffman Academic Residential Center
DJ, Popcorn, Refreshments, Photo Booth.

Ongoing Events

Museum Builders: A Story of Fossils and Friendship

Date: Time: 9:30 am–4:30 pm Location: Morrill Hall
This temporary exhibition explores the history of paleontology and the friendship that led to the construction of the University of Nebraska State Museum, Morrill Hall.

Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Professionals Executive Certificate

Date: Time: 8:00 am–4:30 pm Location: College of Business - Howard L. Hawks Hall
This program is appropriate for professionals, who need to work with financial information but do not have the formal educational background in finance or accounting. At the conclusion of the program, you will have sharper financial decision-making …