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Food for Health Seminar Series

Date: Time: 12:00 pm–1:00 pm
Food Innovation Center (FIC) Room: 277
Directions: NIC public parking information:
Contact: Allie Claypool,
Dr. Stephen Lindemann, Purdue University, will present, “Fiber structure controls on the structure and function of gut microbiota,” at the Food for Health Seminar Series.

Abstract: Remarkably little is presently known about how dietary fiber structure interact with the gut microbiota, shaping the ecology and metabolic function of gut communities. We hypothesize that seemingly-minor physical and chemical differences in bran fiber structure due to cereal type or processing will favor distinct microbial species and govern metabolic outcomes. Our studies reveal that even subtle differences in bran carbohydrate structures (both physical and chemical) are fermented divergently by microbiota, resulting in distinct community composition and metabolite production. These data suggest that differences in bran type, processing, and their constituent hemicellulose structures may exert significant impacts upon gut ecology and function that are not currently appreciated in food systems. Our long-term goal is to develop a rational framework for use of cereal brans, processing strategies, and their component fibers to maintain gut microbiome diversity and function for optimal health outcomes.

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Reception: 30 minutes prior
Zoom will be offered. Email Allie Claypool if you would like zoom information.

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This event originated in Nebraska Food for Health Center.