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Workshops Infusion of Sustainability, Resilience, Diversity, and Inclusion into Curricular Experiences

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Hardin Hall Room: TBA
3310 Holdrege St
Lincoln NE 68583
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Overview: Sustainability and resilience concepts infused into the UNL curriculum is a critical component of UNL’s Environment, Resilience, and Sustainability Master Plan that strives to develop a comprehensive “sustainability and resilience across the curriculum” program. To this end, the UNL Sustainability Initiative seeks 20 instructors who want to infuse sustainability and resilience concepts into their courses. Sustainability is a framework concept that aligns with the UN Sustainability Development Goals, many of which relate to issues of environmental justice, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) (See figure below). Infusion will involve the use of pedagogical approaches that will benefit student learning while sustainability and resilience empowers students to think about systems and the use of spatial and temporal reasoning in their own decision making. By bringing together the challenges and solutions to living sustainably and creating resilient systems, teachers can readily connect students to important societal issues including human population, increased resource needs (food, energy, water, etc.), and human impacts on the environment.

Goals: The goals for this professional development program are:
1. Increase sustainability and resilience literacy among UNL students.
2. Connect students and faculty to social issues at the local to international levels.
3. Create a community of faculty who have an improved knowledge and awareness of sustainability, resilience, DEI, and social justice issues.
4. Create work, learning, and service environments that promotes a mindset that every student can reach their full potential.

Program Outcomes: The primary outcome of the program will be an activity, unit, or module that incorporates sustainability and DEI competencies into a discipline-specific current course plan during the Academic Year 2021-2022. Another important outcome will be the expansion of a community of faculty who have knowledge and awareness of sustainability and resilience that can be shared with others.
Required dates:
January 28th
February 18th
March 25th
April 15th
May: 20th
Email to Register:
*Space is limited

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