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Yu Jin, University of Nebraska

Enhancing Population Persistence by Protection Zones

4:00 pm – 4:50 pm
Avery Hall Room: 115
1144 T St
Lincoln NE 68508
Additional Info: AVH
Jack Jeffries
Many species on the earth are becoming threatened or endangered. Protecting such species has been a critical issue in ecology. Establishing protection zones such as natural reserves has been considered as an effective method to protect an endangered species from extinction, or otherwise to slow down the speed of its extinction. In this talk, I will discuss how mathematical models are used to investigate the effects of protection zones on population dynamics. In particular, we derive a reaction-diffusion model for a population in a one-dimensional bounded habitat, where the population is subjected to a strong Allee effect in its natural domain but obeys logistic growth in a protection zone. We establish threshold conditions for population persistence and extinction and then analyze the influences of the protection zone on the long-term population dynamics under different boundary conditions. We propose strategies for designing the optimal location of the protection zone in order for the population to persist in the long run.

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