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“Meta-Analysis of Insulated Concrete Wall Panel Design Methods for Shear and Flexure Behavior”

Construction Engineering and Management MS Defense by Maryam Al-Bayati

2:00 pm
Peter Kiewit Institute
Target Audiences:
Durham School, (402) 554-4482,
Advised by Dr. Marc Maguire

Concrete sandwich wall panels (CSWPs) have been designed and constructed since the early 1950s with various shear ties, dimensions, and methods; nonetheless, thermal bridging is a concern. Many companies have recently developed plastic connectors that have gradually replaced solid concrete sections and steel connectors due to their superior thermal efficiency and strength. However, there is no generally accepted method for predicting the behavior of sandwich wall panels in structural engineering practice or codes. Still, many methods have been used since the early 1920s safely and routinely. The current approach is guided by the manufacturer of the shear ties, which imposes safe limits for connector deformation and load capacities and sets maximum composite action percentages in the linear and non-linear range. This study aims to evaluate the accuracy of current methods for predicting the flexural performance of concrete sandwich wall panels under out-of-plane loading. The analysis is conducted within the elastic range using eight different methods found in the literature. Ninety-eight full-scale specimens are reviewed and analyzed using these methods, including commercially available connectors, concrete properties, and panel dimensions.

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