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Employ Productive Research Approaches


12:00 pm
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Lisa Rohde,
Some scholars are highly productive. They break new ground and do it again and again. Their names and ideas are ubiquitous in scientific journals and scholarly books. They scoff at publish or perish. To them, it’s publish and flourish. But how are they so productive? This five-part webinar series reveals what the experts do, the insider information your doctoral advisor and senior colleagues never told you or might not even know. Be a More Productive Scholar divulges how top scholars are so productive and how you can be too, if you know how.
Each one-hour webinar, hosted free by Lumivero and presented live and recorded, offers important guidance for scholarly success.

Session Description: Productive scholars prioritize research and use productive research approaches. How else could some produce 10 or more publications per year and hundreds over their career? Productive scholars rarely publish alone. They collaborate on nearly 90% of their publications. Productive scholars They typically juggle a half-dozen projects or more, all in various phases of completion. Their research is marked by good research questions that are feasible to carry out with simple but powerful research designs. Productive scholars know how to navigate the review process. Still, they occasionally fail, as all do. They are not disheartened, knowing that failure is their catalyst and success guide.
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