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MS Thesis Defense - Kobi Beano

Comparison of Vadose Zone Nitrate-N to 50-Year Record of Nitrogen Fertilizer Inputs on Nebraska Cropland

8:00 am
Zoom Webinar
Dan Snow,
Nitrogen (N) fertilizer is an essential nutrient for agricultural production worldwide, especially in Nebraska where corn requires a large amount. Historical N fertilizer input and poor environmental management practices resulted in unintended consequences in the ecosystem and environment. Lack of spatially complete N fertilizer application time series data in the US, in particular, the state of Nebraska makes N fertilizer quantification in the
vadose zone challenging. The state of Nebraska needs spatial time series fertilizer maps to better address its N fertilizer input and potential nitrate-N (NO3—N) migration and storage in the vadose zone (VZ). This thesis assesses 50 years of Nebraska’s spatial N fertilizer inputs on cropland, cropping patterns, timings of application, and soil type impact to NO3—N leaching and compares it with the estimated VZ NO3—N mass stored in the Bazile area and the Lower Platte South Natural Resources Districts (LPSNRD).

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