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Webinar: Latino/a Students

Create Culturally-Informed Experiences and Initiatives that Engage, Retain & Graduate This Growing Population

1:00 pm–2:30 pm
Target Audiences:
Hollie Swanson,
Latinos are one of the largest and fastest growing racial/ethnic groups in higher education. It is critical for higher education faculty, staff, and administrators to recognize unique challenges that these students bring to your institution – and to provide the necessary support and resources to help them be successful in and out of the classroom.

Join our experts on Monday, October 30, 2023, in this interactive and informative 90-minute webinar as they share the asset-based programs and support services you need to provide to remain culturally engaging and validating to Latino/a students. They will explore emerging evidence-based persistence strategies and how crucial creating a sense of “familia” is to ensure they engage both socially and academically. In addition, they will discuss the enrollment pipeline and identify opportunities for collaboration and critical ways to connect with Latino/a students to ensure they join your campus community.

Take this opportunity to increase Latino/a success by focusing on their assets and reframing support programs to capitalize on those strengths. Engage your faculty and staff to utilize this data and strategies in and out of the classroom to foster a sense of belonging. Develop an environment and support programs that promote Latino/a student success and degree completion.

As a result of this online training, you will be better able to:
-Utilize the current national data and research related to today’s growing Latino/a student populations and interpret what that data means – make decisions, create programs and act to ensure you meet the unique needs of these students and help them overcome any potential challenges to persisting on campus.
-Identify emerging evidence-based persistence strategies for Latino/a students to help you assess current needs, identify gaps, and create opportunities to address unique needs – create initiatives that successfully enroll, retain and graduate Latino/a students.
-Recognize strengths-based approaches to supporting Latino/a students – understand their need to be culturally-engaged and validated so they can persist and graduate from your institution!
-Engage key campus stakeholders that interact and engage students both in and out of the classroom – provide a collaborative approach to positively impact Latino/a student success and completion.
-Explore who is in the enrollment pipeline and the critical ways to connect with Latino/a students and their families – ensure they feel a sense of “familia” so they want to join your community and engage both socially and academically.

-Dr. Amy Golden currently serves as Assistant Dean of Students and Executive Director for TRIO Programs at Arizona State University.
-Marcela Lopez currently serves as the Director of Family and Community Programs at Arizona State University.

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