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ABC 1.0 Program Introduction/Customizing Your Crop Budgets

Ag Budget Calculator Training

10:00 am
Glennis McClure,
It’s always important to estimate cost of production for our agricultural enterprises, but now with the volatile input and crop prices, it’s even more critical. Knowing your estimated cost of production can assist you in making important management decisions now and throughout the production and marketing year.

Hop on your computer, create an Ag Budget Calculator (ABC) program account (, and let us walk you through the program features and provide instruction on using the program. Virtual instruction works well if you are in the program and following along as we demonstrate it.

With several virtual sessions to choose from starting November 15, 2021, through the first of February 2022, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to learn ABC. Participants may register for any session or multiple sessions that you’d like. The first time through the program, you can jot down your questions and then come back to a later session to see, listen, and ask more about it!

ABC 1.0 Introduction to ABC and Customizing your Crop Budgets:

-Creating customized crop budgets for your owned and rented ground
-Determine projected cost of production and anticipated returns
-ABC program features, including risk analysis

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