11th Annual 4S Goat Expo

All Day
Lincoln County Fairgrounds — North Platte
Randy Saner, 1-800-200-1381, rsaner2@unl.edu
Goat enthusiasts, plan to attend the 11th annual 4S Goat Expo. The event will be held this year in North Platte. The event will be located at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds located at 5015 W Highway 30.

The program will cover the topics: Increasing Carcass Yield Through Sire Selection, US Meat Goat Situation Report, Consumer Preferences for Goat Meat, Live Animal & Carcass Measurements for Meat Goats, Poisonous Plants for Goats, Goat Basics (Parasite Management, Feeding, Showing and Hoof Trimming), and a Goat Judging Contest for Youth.

Speakers will include:
• Dr. Fred C. Homeyer, Goat Producer & National Show Judge
• Dr. Frank Pinkerton, the Goat Man, retired Extension Goat Specialist
• Jeffrey Gillespie, the Martin D. Woodin Endowed Professor in the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness.
• Dr. R. Harrison, LSU Marketing Economist
• Ken McMillin, the Mr. and Mrs. Herman E. McFatter Professor of Animal Science, Louisiana State University Agricultural Center School of Animal Sciences and Department of Food Science
• Randy Saner, UNL Extension Educator, Lincoln, Logan & McPherson Counties
• Producer Panel: Made up of experienced producers.
This program will help you with management decisions that could affect the future of your goat business.

Preregistration is $25, at the door the day of the event $35.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at rsaner2@unl.edu or call me at 1-800-200-1381. You may also visit our website at: http://www.4sgoatexpo.org/ Enclosed are registration materials and sign-up forms for the sale.


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