Marc Neveu - Hyde Lecture Presentation

Date: Time: 12:30 pm
Architecture Hall Room: Arch Gallery
Additional Info: ARCH
Abstract: The ancient Persian story of the Three Princes of Serendip (brought into English by Horace Walpole) presents a mode of thinking that relies more upon an awareness of the physical world than it does on individual genius. Three brothers are able to find a lost camel, of which they had not yet met, by interpreting clues presented in plain site - tracks, honey drippings, chewed grass, etc. This approach to interpreting the world is, in my view, a wonderful model for architectural education, research and, indeed, building. It is this same mode of working, I would propose, that guided the Douglas Darden’s building. Darden was seeking, what he referred to as, the underbelly of architecture and he did so through this serendipitous way of seeing the world. I will discuss work from two books – one published, Condemned Building, and the other, the Laughing Girls, an unpublished manuscript that Darden had been working on when he died in 1996 in an attempt to show how Darden looks closely at the world to reveal the potential of building.

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