SGH Review Schedule, Day 2

Date: Time: 12:15 pm–5:00 pm
Architecture Hall Room: Arch Gallery
Additional Info: ARCH
The College of Architecture at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, in partnership with SGH Inc. and Dri-Design, has established a student scholarship competition for the fourth-year, undergraduate, architectural design studios. The scholarship recognizes student projects exemplifying outstanding design investigation, resolution, and significance.

Following the end-of-semester review, one project from each studio will be selected to compete for the SGH Inc./Dri-Design Scholarship.

The SGH Review Schedule:
12:15 Jury preview student work in deliberation room
(12:15) (Pizza lunch provided to 4th year arch students)
12:45 Introduction of jury and student finalists
1:00-3:30 Student presentations to jury (30-40 minutes per project) (4 projects)
- Invite scholarship sponsors, Troy Burkey and Jason Zeeff
3:30-4:30 Jury assess work in deliberation room
** 1 hour maximum deliberation time
** Selection of awards/funds at this time

Additional Public Info:

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