Melissa Hanley - Visiting Hyde Chair Speaker

Date: Time: 4:00 pm
Architecture Hall Room: Arch Gallery
Additional Info: ARCH
The shift to an ideas-based economy has changed the way we think about and define ‘work’ and the space in which we accomplish it. Accordingly, the role of the designer has evolved from functional and esthetic space-making to that of a strategic partner in our Client’s real estate and culture creation. As workers become increasingly mobile and space-per-person is reduced, we are challenged to create flexible, multi-tasking environments that support the variety of work modes an employee will encounter throughout their day. Set against the context (and tensions) of rapidly changing generational world views and increased globalization the impacts of this work is felt across all sectors - not just tech.

Blitz has established itself as an expert in workplace design having created spaces across the globe for companies such as Skype, Zillow, Comcast, Microsoft, Autodesk and Dropbox. Through a review of key projects, Melissa will discuss Blitz’s project approach including research and investigation, concept representation and client communication strategies as well as value-add project delivery methodologies specifically designed to support our Client’s economic and culture objectives.

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