David Benjamin - Hyde Lecturer

Date: Time: 4:30 pm
Richards Hall Room: Rm 15
Additional Info: RH
Presentation Abstract:

The Living explores the architecture of the future by building full-scale, functioning prototypes today. Our projects bring new technologies to life in the built environment, integrating design innovation, sustainability, and the public realm. We believe cities and buildings are living, breathing organisms. And in the context of rapid change and new urban challenges, we propose that design should be a living, breathing ecosystem. Within this design ecosystem, we work on multiple scales simultaneously. We anticipate and welcome rapid change. We embrace design with uncertainty, design with rules rather than fixed forms, and design with shifting and unknowable forces.

Clients include the City of New York, Seoul Municipal Government, Nike, Prada, 3M, Airbus, Quantified Self, Miami Science Museum, Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology, and Björk. Recent projects include the Princeton Architecture Laboratory (a new building for research on next-generation design and construction technologies), Pier 35 EcoPark (a 200-foot floating pier in the East River that changes color according to water quality), and Hy-Fi (a branching tower for the Museum of Modern Art and MoMA PS1 made of a new type of biodegradable brick).

Additional Public Info:

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