Cristina Murphy, Hyde Lecturer

Date: Time: 4:00 pm
Richards Hall Room: 15
Additional Info: RH
Contact: Olivia Wilson, 402-472-9212,
Cristina Murphy, co-founder of XCOOP, will be presenting her Hyde Lecture entitled “DESIGNING FOR LIFE. Lives, Places and Institutions.”

The relationship between community and built, is a topic dear to Hyde Lecturer Cristina Murphy. This relationship implies care toward social, economic, cultural and evolutionary dynamics of people that live in special ways, in special places.

Cristina strongly relates architecture and the built environment to these dynamics and attempts to understand how far this world is designed, how far it shall be left to nature and, ultimately, how people are able to transform it or simply adapt to it.

This lecture is an introduction of two essential elements that have and are still characterizing Cristina’s role as an architect; the way she looks at the world including her academic background, her experiences and the simple living on this world; and the way she reacted to that and how it translates to her and her team’s projects.

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