Let’s “APP”le UP for AppleJack Festival

9:00 am–5:00 pm
Kimmel Education & Research Center, near Nebraska City
5985 G Road
Nebraska City NE 68410
Directions: northwest of Nebr City on business Highway 75, next to historic Apple Barn at Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard
Debora Heidzig, 402-873-3166, debora.heidzig@unl.edu
Let’s “APP”le Up for 2013 AppleJack Festival!

Kimmel Education and Research Center is preparing to “APP”le Up” for this year’s AppleJack Festival in Nebraska City to be held on September 21 – 22. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s extension educators and staff will host a variety of free educational activities during the two-day celebration.

“I’m farming and I grow it” is a familiar phrase used by our featured guest Greg Peterson, one of the Peterson Farm Bros. Learn about the Peterson family farm and what they do to help feed the world. The Peterson Brothers’ parodies have millions of online viewers. Their “Life of a Farmer” video series spotlights agriculture with a new perspective. Greg Peterson will perform each day.

“Lights! Camera! Action!” Join a live viewing audience and participate in videotaping as we launch and shape information segments for future educational pieces. We welcome questions about agriculture, food, leadership, youth, health, extension and more.

“APP”le Up by learning about mobile apps from the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, bringing information to your fingertips. Whether at the grocery store or out in the field, learn why UNL’s newest apps can provide you information you need; when and where you need it.

Middle school and high school students and their parents might like to learn about the 29 degree programs and 2 professional programs offered by the UNL College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. Sue Ellen Pegg, CASNR recruitment coordinator will assist in matching students’ interests and career goals.

Free educational activities and programs will be available to the public. A focus on energy and biofuels will be provided by John Hay, Extension Educator with the Biosystems Engineering Department. Marion Ellis, UNL professor of entomology and apiculture specialist, and Erin Ingram, UNL graduate student will be buzzing with knowledge about bees. The Department of Natural Resources will display an interactive flood model, demonstrating the effect of development and other factors about flooding. Wajira Ratnayake, Research and Outreach Food Scientist and Lucia Miceli Garcia, graduate student will explain how an apple cookie became the result of research at UNL. JoLeisa Cramer, a graduate student in Natural Resources will help us examine the skulls and learn about a few mammals of Nebraska. The UNL Horticulture Club will plant fun with seeds and information. Several activities will be “hands-on” where you can ask questions, touch, and learn about the environment surrounding you. For a tasty treat, the UNL Food Science & Technology Club will be selling UNL Dairy Store ice cream outside in their mobile trailer.

The UNL Kimmel Education and Research Center represents a unique public-private partnership between the Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard Educational Foundation, Inc. and the University of Nebraska. It is located at 5985 G Road, Nebraska City, Nebraska, next to the historic Apple Barn at Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard, northwest of Nebraska City.

“APP”le Up with Kimmel Education and Research Center and plant the seeds of innovation in community, leaders & entrepreneurs, local foods, youth, and health & wellness. Join the Kimmel team during this AppleJack event and let’s creatively grow together!

Check our blog at KimmelTV.org for more information on this upcoming event, or contact Deb Heidzig at Kimmel Education and Research Center, 5985 G Road, Nebraska City, NE 68410 by phone 402-873-3166 or email: debora.heidzig@unl.edu

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