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PhD Dissertation Defense - Gabby Palomo-Munoz

Impacts of Anthropogenic Pressures on Ocelots (Leopardus Pardalis) in the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Guatemala

9:00 am – 10:00 am
Zoom Webinar
Drew Trye,
IMPACTS OF ANTHROPOGENIC PRESSURES ON OCELOTS (LEOPARDUS PARDALIS) IN THE MAYABIOSPHERE RESERVE IN GUATEMALA By Gabriela Palomo-Munoz Advisor:Andrew J Tyre and co-advisor Jeffrey Thompson January 14th 2022 9:00 CST via Zoom. Request link via DM or Abstract Ocelots are a Neotropical mesocarnivore distributed from the South of Texas to northern Argentina.Despite being one of the most studied mesocarnivores, there is still need to understand the effects of human activities on their populations.The Maya Biosphere Reserve (MBR) in Guatemala is a human impacted landscape that ranges from highly protected areas, sustainable forest concessions, to areas with human activities (e.g., cattle ranching,agriculture,urbanization).The MBR provides a study area in which we can investigate the anthropogenic effects on ocelots’ demography and behavior. We estimated the effects of human activities on ocelot’s density and space use.We also quantified the effects of forest integrity on jaguars, pumas.gray foxes, and ocelots space use, co-occurrence, and spatio-temporal patterns. Despite ocelots’ tolerance to human activities, their populations heavily rely on permeable matrices surrounded by protected areas. Our results contribute to our understanding on ocelot ecology in modified landscapes

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