Access Essentials 2 (Relationships & Queries) Part 2 of 3

Date: Time: 10:30 am–12:00 pm
Canfield Administration Building South Room: 316
Additional Info: ADMS
Contact: Ranelle Maltas, 402-472-0585,
Spreadsheets can only go so far. Databases are the next best step for complex data sets. This workshop provides an overview for first-time users and an introduction for those new to relational databases. You will view the main areas of Access including the Access environment, building tables, establishing relationships, creating forms, creating and managing queries, and designing reports. You will be guided through various Access conventions and tasks, like understanding how objects interact, and adding data to a table.

In section 2 of 3, you will see the power of a relational database lies in combining data across tables. To do that, you first establish relationships between your tables. Then, you will put Access to work to combine data in queries to answer business or other questions based on data and to quickly and easily make bulk updates. You will create queries to filter and sort data and perform calculations, as well as refine query results with built-in functions.

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