Co-Parenting for Successful Kids class - Lincoln, NE

Date: Time: 9:00 am–12:30 pm
Lancaster Extension Education Center
444 Cherrycreek Road
Lincoln NE 68528
Contact: Nebraska Extension in Lancaster County, 402-441-7180,
Co-Parenting for Successful Kids is an educational program for families in the process of divorce, or who are interested in custody modification or paternity proceedings. The class will help parents understand the impact on their children and provide concrete steps parents can take to help their children succeed through the process.

Co-Parenting for Successful Kids is available throughout Nebraska to help meet the needs of divorcing families and children and meet the requirements of the New Parent Act as amended by LB 554 in 2007.

Cost is $50. It is recommended parents of the same child/children take different classes.
Additional Public Info:
Please register at least 5 days in advance! If paying with check, please mail registration form. If paying with credit card, please register at If less than 5 days in advance, call for availability.

Additional Public Info:

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