Imaging Coherent Nuclear Motion in Photoexcited Molecules with Ultrafast Electron Diffraction AMOP Seminar

Date: Time: 3:30 pm–4:30 pm
Jorgensen Hall Room: 145
Contact: Physics Department, 472-2770,
Speaker: Kyle Wilkin, Department of Physics & Astronomy, The University of Nebraska-Lincoln

We have used ultrafast electron diffraction (UED) to capture the structural dynamics during the UV photodissociation reaction of 1,2-Diiodotetrafluoroethane (C2F4I2). The experiment was performed at the SLAC UED facility with a 3.7 MeV electron beam where previous experiments have shown femtosecond resolution [1][2][3]. Previously, the Zewail group used UED with 5 ps resolution to study the evolution of photo-dissociated C2F4I2 and found the structure of the transient state C2F4I to be the classical non-bridged structure [4]. No evidence of a bridged structure was found; however, a question remained on whether a bridged structure with a femtosecond lifetime also existed. We have observed that the non-bridged structure forms within 200 fs of the laser excitation, one vibrational period of the C-I bond. After dissociation an oscillation with a 250 fs period is observed in the inter-atomic distances of the transient. Through comparison to numerical simulations, this oscillation has been determined to be a combination of coherent vibrations and rotations in the isolated CF2 group.

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