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Laser Driven Ion Acceleration from Solid Targets

Comprehensive Exam

1:00 pm–3:00 pm
Jorgensen Hall
Physics Department, (402) 472-2770,
Kyle Jensen will present his colloquium topic, “Laser Driven Ion Acceleration from Solid Targets”

Laser-driven ion beams from solid target interaction provide unique properties unmatched by photons and electrons. Due to their ultrashort bunches, low beam emittance, and tendency for highly localized energy deposit, laser-accelerated ions are interesting for applications including proton radiography and hadron therapy. Target normal sheath acceleration (TNSA) and radiation pressure acceleration (RPA) schemes are capable of accelerating ions to tens of MeVs in distances of a few micron and pave the way for highly energetic laser-driven ions in the future. A review of these mechanisms as well as experimental outlook will be discussed.

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