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Food for Health Seminar Series – Takuji Yamada

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
(402) 472-1862,
Dr. Takuji Yamada, from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, will present virtually from Japan as part of the Food for Health Seminar Series.

Title: “Metagenomic and metabolomic analyses reveal distinct stage-specific phenotypes of the gut microbiota in colorectal cancer”

Summary: Colorectal cancer (CRC) worldwide affects over a quarter of a million people each year. Human gut microbiome has been associated with CRC development, and its comprehensive characterization is of great importance to assess its potential as a diagnostic marker. We performed whole shotgun metagenomic sequencing and metabolomic studies on fecal samples collected from 616 participants undergoing colonoscopy to assess taxonomic and functional characteristics of gut microbiota and metabolites. As a result, microbiome and metabolite shifts were apparent in cases of multiple polypoid adenomas (MP) and Stage 0, in addition to more advanced lesions. Two distinct patterns of microbiome elevations were found. First, CRC-associated species including Fusobacterium nucleatum were elevated continuously from Stage 0 to more advanced stages. Second pattern was the elevation of several bacterial species only in MP and/or in Stage 0. Metabolome analyses showed an elevation of branched-chain amino acids and phenylalanine in Stage 0. Our study indicates possible etiological and diagnostic significance of fecal microbiota and metabolite in the very early stages of CRC.

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