RED Talk The BIG Questions

Date: Time: 7:00 pm–8:00 pm
Learning Commons
Love Library North
Contact: Justina Clark, 402-472-6023,
Our first Research, Exploration, and Discovery (RED) Talk will consist of undergraduate researchers who will share their research projects and experiences in short 5-7 minute presentations. Interactive, multimedia, outside-the-box activities are encouraged as we learn about the scholarship and creative activity taking place across campus. Student participants will gain experience giving presentations and explaining their work, and RED Talk attendees will complete feedback forms for the presenters. Following the talks, we’ll have refreshments and continued conversations and networking.

Our research and creative projects are often highly focused. So take a step back. Then another. Then one more. What is the big question your research is attempting to solve? Why is it a big question? How can your very specific project lead us to the big discovery or breakthrough?

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