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Dr. Jeremy Lohman – CBC/RBC Seminar

Important Protons in Fatty Acid and Polyketide Biosynthesis Elucidated with Malonyl-Thioester Analog

4:00 pm–5:00 pm
Beadle Center Room: N172
Directions: Beadle Center is located at 1901 Vine St. Lincoln, NE, on the University of Nebraska–Lincoln campus.
Additional Info: BEAD
Diana Bonham, (402) 472-2932,
Dr. Lohman’s research combines focuses on elucidating the sequence-structure-function relationships of carbon-carbon bond forming enzymes in fatty acid and polyketide biosynthesis. This research is being used to design novel drugs against fatty acid synthases and for engineering the biosynthesis of novel polyketides for drug discovery. A novel aspect of Dr. Lohman’s research combining synthetic organic chemistry to generate malonyl-thioester substrate analogs and using the analogs to determine enzyme-ligand structures by X-ray crystallography.

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This event originated in Biochemistry.