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Raegan Higgins, Texas Tech University

A Time Scales Approach to Modeling

4:00 pm–4:50 pm
Via Zoom
Directions: Meeting ID: 953 4937 93
Jake Kettinger,
Progress continues in the unification and extension of discrete and continuous analysis since Stefan Hilger’s landmark paper in 1988. The general idea is to prove a result once for a dynamic equation where the unknown function’s domain is a time scale T, which is an arbitrary, nonempty, closed subset of the real numbers. In this talk, we will begin by introducing the time scales theory. After, we will give an overview of some current time scales applications. Of particular interest are problems arising in mathematical biology. We will then conclude with a discussion of preliminary results on the development of specific models and the related analysis.

Zoom Meeting ID: 953 4937 9380

Additional Public Info:
This is the AMS Student Chapter Colloquium, hosted by Jake Kettinger and Kathryn Van Etten.

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