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Open Apiary - St. Louis, MO.

Field Training

Recurring Date Info:
Third Sunday of every month:
12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Isabee’s Bee Yard
765 Gravois Rd
Fenton MO 63026
Isabee, (314) 894-8737,
Open Apiary times are an informal, unstructured gathering of members of the Great Plains Master Beekeeping program. There will be brief demonstrations, questions and answers, and time to get hands-on experience with beehives. Open Apiary will count as 2 hours of field training toward your progress through the Great Plains Master Beekeeping program.

All participants must be a member of either: Saint Louis Beekeepers or Great Plains Master Beekeepers program
Anyone participating in the hive inspections will need to have their own protective gear and sign a release form before entering the bee yard.

All hive inspections will be during the 1st hour at Isabee’s bee yard. The 2nd hour will be in Isabee’s meeting room going over the topics for that month, other areas of concern. Question and Answer.

765 Gravois Rd Fenton, Mo. 63026


February : 19th noon-1:30

Hive inspection: weather permitting in bee yard In class topics: Great Plains Master Beekeepers information Sign up sheet for open apiary participation Equipment needed to get started in Beekeeping Ordering bees and equipment What you should be doing if you have hives that overwinter Hive inspection sheets Question and answer

March: 26th noon-2pm

Hive inspection: what to look for in a overwinter hive in bee yard In class topics: Getting your equipment ready and in position Feeding and why its important for overwinter hives Feeding for new colonies when they arrive Mite treatments for overwinter hives before honey flow and supering How to light a smoker How to stack and replace boxes Making splits why its important Spring rotation for swarm control Question and answer

April:16th noon-2pm

Hive inspection: what you need to see for a strong hive in bee yard, install package or nuc In class topics: getting ready for the honey flow How to look for a queen (without smoking a hive) Supering for honey flow Checking for a viable queen What are your options if you have a failing queen Swarming and how to prevent it (MAKING SPLITS) Installing bee package or nucs Feeding your package or nuc, why its important Question and answer

May:21st noon-2pm

Hive inspection: Main Honey Flow in bee yard In class topics: Supering for honey Catching swarms What progress should a package or nuc look like Demaree method for swarm control Plants that are important in our area for honey production Question and answer

June:11th noon-2pm

Hive inspection : check honey flow see if we have hives that have fallen behind in bee yard In class topics: Hive problems Queen failure , queen superseded , mites Extraction equipment Question and answer

July:16th noon-2pm

Hive inspection in bee yard In class topics: Extracting your honey Mite testing methods Mite counts and when to treat Mite treatments Small hive beetles and treatment’s Question and answer

August: 20th noon-2pm

Hive inspection in bee yard In class topics: Mite testing after treatment Products of the hive Honey sales Feeding, getting colonies ready for winter Question and Answer

September:17th noon-2pm

Hive inspection in bee yard In class topics: Queen health and brood production Hive population Any hive problems that need address before winter Combining weak hives What to do with equipment from dead-outs Question and answer

October: 15th noon-2pm

November: 5th noon-2pm

Hive inspection weather permitting In class topics: sugar mush, candy boards Mouse guards, entrance reducers Question and answer

Hive inspection only if weather permits in bee yard In class topics: Working dead-outs Working old equipment Honey tasting - from the groups honey harvest Looking back at your year in your bee operation, what will you change moving forward. Questions and answer.

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This event originated in Great Plains Master Beekeeping.