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Virtual Sunday with a Scientist: The Serengeti in a Petri Dish

Morrill Hall Activity

2:00 pm – 2:45 pm
Zoom and Facebook Live
Jennifer Ruyle,
When you look at a pond, you might imagine critters such as tadpoles, fish, and turtles swimming and splashing around. But if you take a closer look, there are hundreds (or more!) of microscopic living things that live in lakes, rivers, and puddles all around us. Miranda Salsbery, Ph.D. candidate in the UNL School of Biological Sciences, will help us see and learn about the wild creatures that live in water. We’ll explore two different water samples to compare and contrast strategies for life in the tiny organisms we find. We may see creatures like protists, rotifers, insects, crustaceans, and more! We’ll also learn about Miranda’s research on paramecia. Paramecia are microscopic, single-celled critters that live in the water (they look like tiny hairy pickles). One of her current projects is investigating a virus that gets into the cilia, or hairy structures, that cover the body of a paramecium and allow it move. The virus doesn’t make the paramecium sick though! The virus’s real target is to get close to the algae that lives inside the paramecium. We’ll learn how and where she does her science and explore what lives in water.

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