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Webinar: Student Engagement

New & Creative Strategies to Help Today’s Students Connect & Participate in Your Campus Community

10:00 am – 11:30 am
Target Audiences:
Hollie Swanson,
Campus administrators & staff are struggling to find ways to engage with students. The go-to activities and programs we used before COVID-19 no longer have the same impact that they used to. Maintaining even a percentage of the engagement levels institutions once had requires even more work than it did before. This has led many professionals to feel frustrated and unsuccessful in their role.

Even though it is challenging, this presents an opportunity for all student facing roles to develop new tactics for engagement. Instead of doing something the way it has always been done, we can get creative and learn what it is exactly that this new group of students is looking for.

Gain crucial, actionable takeaways that will help you:
-Focus more on meaningful human interactions – create a human-centric programming model to increase engagement and connection for students, who are looking for relationships, more than they are looking for activities.
-Embrace social media and virtual tools – overcome the barriers students face when it comes to shying away from face-to-face interaction with people they may not know well. There are so many creative ways to tap into these resources!
-Develop a team that monitors which students are engaged – make informed decisions based on assessment to target outreach to specific student populations.
-Collaborate with other offices – move away from small programs that compete with one another to a more coordinated effort where larger and more intentionally planned programs are embraced.

Dr. Sara Weinstein currently serves as the Director of Residence Life and Housing at Randolph-Macon College located in Ashland Virginia.

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