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Hyde Lecture -Rana Abudayyeh

4:00 pm
Richards Hall Room: Room 15
560 Stadium Dr
Lincoln NE 68508
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Hyde Lecturer Rana Abudayyeh is an Assistant Professor and the Robin Klehr Avia Professor of Interior Architecture at the College of Architecture and Design, University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK). She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and Master of Architecture degrees from the University of New Mexico. Situated at the intersection of advanced digital making, representation, and social justice, Abudayyeh critically investigates the architectural systems and social forces that define resilient environments, catering to cultural identities through her teaching, research, and service. She joined the faculty at UTK, in 2015. Previously, she worked at Antoine Predock Architect on numerous design competitions and federal, public, and private projects. She is a licensed architect in her native country, Jordan, where she is currently researching interiority and displacement.

The 2022-2023 Hyde Lecture Series explores the theme of Information Stimulus. Now, more so than ever, the evolution in information technology is being driven by novel means of uncovering, transferring, and disseminating information. Advanced paradigms have emerged through the information drawn from other disciplines and the generation of innovative methods and tools. Examples include climate related data as they drive resiliency and carbon neutral projects, precise metering as they change building performance, metrics to measure and enhance health and wellbeing of building occupants, unique tools for heightening senses and experiencing products, or geo-spatial information that pushes large-scale considerations making designs more accurate and portraying what is possible.

Information also goes outwards. New representational approaches and practices have enabled designers to present information in new and more effective ways, stimulating conversations and helping to find consensus in design and community engagement processes.

Today, contextual realities encompass an active structure linking places and people through complex reciprocal networks and technologies. The overlap of digital and analog parameters is giving way to hybridized settings, redefining the politics of place and identity and, in turn, design. As association with physical locations wanes and conventional notions of tangible bearings no longer apply, displacement (or multi-placement) is steadily emerging as an operative contextual modality, demanding multivalent design approaches and responses. Situated within this understanding, Becoming Dynamic presents spatial frameworks that examine the role of design in these shifting realities and its aptitude for generating and supporting new forms of belonging. Leveraging theory, technology, and cross-disciplinary exchanges, the collection of work presented in this lecture elucidates architecture’s aptitude to sponsor activity, sustain cultural heritage, advocate for underserved societies, and, most fundamentally, participate in public discourse.

The 2022-2023 College of Architecture Hyde Lecture Series draws from frontiers of practices, to explore how information is propelling the field of planning and design.

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