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Tuesday, December 7


Political Map Drawing: Insights and Lessons from Nebraska’s Redistricting Process

Thomas C. Sorensen Policy Seminar Series

12:00 pm–1:00 pm
Location: University of Nebraska-Lincoln City Campus Union Room: Heritage Room or Zoom
Every ten years in state capitals across the country, lawmakers undertake the constitutional requirement to redraw district boundaries given population shifts. Nebraska state legislators faced a shortened time to get this job done after the release …
This event originated in Public Policy Center.

Dr. Patrick Horn, East Carolina University - CBC/RBC Seminar

Deciphering Redox Processes in Building and Breaking Photosynthetic Membranes

4:00 pm–5:00 pm
Location: Beadle Center Room: E103
Plants harness the power of redox electrons via photosynthetic membranes to generate energy and drive the many diverse biochemical reactions necessary to grow, reproduce, and survive. The role of redox processes in lipid metabolism, especially …
This event originated in Biochemistry.