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Tuesday, October 3


CBC/RBC seminar - Dr. Sathish Natarajan, UNL Nutrition & Health Sciences

Free Fatty Acid Induces Cellular Stress Responses and Protective Role of Palmiotleate

4:00 pm–5:00 pm
Location: Beadle Center Room: E103 Target Audiences:
The prevalence of Obesity during pregnancy or maternal obesity is increasing in the US and is associated with increased white adipose tissue and enhanced saturated free fatty acids in the circulation. Fatty acids are essential for optimal cell …
This event originated in Biochemistry.

Colloquium Seminar - Jinsong Xu

Jinsong Xu, QMT Candidate - John Hopkins University

4:00 pm
Location: Theodore Jorgensen Hall Room: 145 Target Audiences:
Spin provides attractive means to manipulate and detect quantum materials. A pure spin current delivers spin angular momentum with the fewest carriers in metals and no carriers in insulators. Spin current phenomena have mostly been established in …
This event originated in Physics.