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Food for Health Seminar Series – Sara Di Rienzi

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Allie Eaton,
Dr. Sara Di Rienzi, Baylor College of Medicine, will present, “Microbial Regulation of Gut Hormones” at the Food for Health Seminar Series.

Summary: Microbes in the intestine can act from the gut on processes across the entire body, including the physiology of the brain and bones. Few mechanisms by which gut microbes do so are understood. We hypothesized that one way gut microbes might act on multi-organ processes is through regulation of gut hormones. Through use of human intestinal organoids and whole human tissue, we discover that the beneficial gut microbe Limosilactobacillus reuteri can regulate numerous gut hormones including hormones not known to be produced in the intestinal epithelium. Our work is first characterizing the presence and abundance of these novel hormones along the human and mouse gastrointestinal tract. Second, we are investigating the mechanisms by which L. reuteri promotes the secretion of these hormones. Altogether our research is describing novel mechanisms by which gut microbes have the potential to regulate the health of their hosts.

Bio: Sara Di Rienzi received her bachelor’s degree from Bryn Mawr College and her Ph.D. in Genome Sciences from the University of Washington. Currently she is an Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Medicine. Her research asks the broad question of how the ecosystem of the gut results in effects across the entire body. She specifically focuses on how hormones in the gut are modulated by diet and gut microbes and the role of gut hormones in host physiology.

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This event originated in Nebraska Food for Health Center.