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Social Event

Space, Cyber, and National Security (SCNS) Law Club Star Party

7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
The Branched Oak Observatory
14300 NW 98th Street
Raymond NE 68428
Directions: When you arrive, you will turn off of 98th Street onto a dirt road that looks a little bit like someone’s driveway. Keep driving down the dirt road for about 100 yards––you will pass a house and a barn on your left as you go. Keep going until you see an open field with lots of cool people!
Please join us and see the stars at SCNS’s Star Party event located at the Branched Oak Observatory! This will be a family-friendly event complete with stargazing, a guided tour, telescopes, warm beverages, and more space fun!

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Costumes are welcome, and please have layers as needed, we do not know what the weather will be! Family and friends are also welcome and encouraged to join.

If you have any questions, please contact our wonderful Event Directors: Dakota Figueroa ( & Rebecca Stading (

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