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Spin Charge Interconversion

Comprehensive Exam

2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Jorgensen Hall Room: 207
Physics Department, (402) 472-2770,
Kai Huang will present his comprehensive exam topic, “Spin Charge Interconversion” in person.

ABSTRACT: Spin charge interconversion (SCI) plays a crucial role in the field of spintronics. The functioning of spintronics is dependent on the deliberate manipulation of material magnetization using the spin current. With the knowledge of spin orbit coupling, various methods have been developed to generate and detect pure spin currents based on SCI mechanisms, including spin Hall effect and inverse spin galvanic effect. Recently, large SCI effects have been discovered in heavy metals, topological insulators and 2D van der Waals systems, bringing us closer to the next-generation magnetic random-access memory. This report provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamental theories and phenomena related to SCI, and then explores SCI effects in different systems. Lastly, a research proposal to solve one question about SCI is presented.

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