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EQUATE Seminar w/ Rob Buckley

Progress in Superconducting Quantum Computing at Google

4:00 pm–5:00 pm
Jorgensen Hall Room: 110
Samone Behrendt,
Abstract: The rapidly growing field of quantum computing has the promise to enable new types of compute power beyond what is achievable with large-scale classical compute, for certain classes of problems. This talk will overview Google Quantum AI’s progress towards the development of increasingly-complex quantum computers: demonstrating beyond-classical performance, achievements within noisy intermediate scale quantum (NISQ) algorithms, and progress towards scalable quantum error correction, the holy grail of quantum computing.

Additional Public Info:
Buckley’s Bio: Bob Buckley graduated from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln with degrees in Engineering Physics & Mechanical Engineering, performing undergraduate research under Physics Professor Roger D. Kirby. He then went on to the University of California - Santa Barbara where he received a PhD in Physics under Professor David Awschalom, studying quantum phenomena in semiconductor spins with optical techniques. After a few years of farming in rural Nebraska, Bob joined Freedom Photonics, a small company specializing in emerging technologies in the photonics field. Bob is now at Google Quantum AI developing hardware for next-generation quantum computers.

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