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MS Thesis Defense - Emilee Lachenmeier

Impacts of Irrigated Agriculture on the Near Surface and Planetary Boundary Layer Atmosphere: Resul

3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Zoom Webinar
Rezaul Mahmood,
Modification of natural prairie grasslands into irrigated and rainfed agriculture in the Great Plains produced significant impacts on regional weather and climate including temperatures, precipitation, energy fluxes, and the planetary boundary layer (PBL) atmosphere. The Great Plains Irrigation Experiment (GRAINEX) during the 2018 growing season collected data over irrigated and non-irrigated crop fields to further understand these impacts. The data were collected during two intensive observation periods (IOPs) in early June (IOP 1: 30 May – 13 June of 2018) and late July (IOP 2: 16 July – 30 July of 2018). The data analyzed include latent (LE) and sensible (H) heat fluxes, air temperature, dew point temperature, specific humidity, and equivalent temperature (moist enthalpy). PBL and lower tropospheric development was assessed using radiosonde data. In addition, near surface soil moisture data collected during IOP 1 and 2 were used to model and subsequent analysis of root zone soil moisture utilizing Wang et al. (2017) Exponential Filter Model. The results from this extensive analysis of the GRAINEX data set will be presented for the consideration of the degree of Master of Science. Committee members include Rezaul Mahmood, Trenton Franz and Michael Hayes.

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